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Thinking About Divorce? Here Are Some of The Top Q&As

When people are contemplating divorce, they have lots of very legitimate questions. I did a little research to see what the most common questions were and the following is a […]

Ready to Retire? Ready to Divorce? What about your Retirement Assets?

  In recent years we have seen a significant uptick in divorces among couples in their 50s, 60s and beyond.  When we are contacted by a potential client in this […]

It’s Love Your Lawyer Day 2020-But Shouldn’t Every Day Be?

Today is once of my favorite holidays.  Yes folks, it’s the annual “Love Your Lawyer Day.” In actuality, until last year I didn’t even know this “holiday” existed.  But now […]

Halloween can be Scary for Divorced Parents-Here’s the Trick to Make the Treat

Tomorrow night is All Hallows Eve- which, buy the way, was the original name for Halloween, complete with pagan rituals until Irish immigrants (“they get the job done”)in the 19th […]

Getting Divorced or Remarried? Social Security Future Benefits

Issues regarding Social security including what we can expect to receive, how much it will cost and how long the system will  survive are  always ripe topics for controversy during […]