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Halloween can be Scary for Divorced Parents-Here’s the Trick to Make the Treat

Tomorrow night is All Hallows Eve- which, buy the way, was the original name for Halloween, complete with pagan rituals until Irish immigrants (“they get the job done”)in the 19th Century turned it into the fun-filled (at least until this year) event we have come to know and love.

But for divorced parents, it can become well, a nightmare.

This  year may be a little different since  going door-to- door in the neighborhood and sticking one’s hand into a candy bowl may not be the best way stop the spread.

Even so, if  you are a divorced parent who doesn’t get to spend Halloween with your kids this year, there are still things you can do to celebrate with your children.

For example:

* If you have any crafty talent, make a costume for your kids.  Even if you don’t sew, a little cutting and fabric glue can work wonders.  Remember, it only has to stay together one night…or maybe more if it is a fun costume and your kids like to dress up when they play.

* Go to the local pumpkin patch and pick out a fun pumpkin to carve.  It doesn’t matter if your ex did this too- your children can have TWO pumpkins.  And if you are like me and  you have no artistic talent, they have templates on line to create a perfect pumpkin face ore even something more creative!

*  Save the actual pumpkin squash, freeze it and use it to make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  hint: it is a messy pain to prepare the pumpkin- pretend you’re saving it and when it is time to make a pie with your kids- pre freeze the already prepared canned pumpkin and use it- but do toast the seed when you clean the pumpkin out- they are really tasty with some sea salt.

* Decorate your home, inside and out.  Okay so maybe it is late this year to do that, but…the day after Halloween all of the decorations go on sale.  Stock up so you’ll be ready next year.

* Once kids can socialize “normally” again,  plan an  pre-Halloween or  post Halloween party for a few of your kids’ friends.  It will give them another chance to wear their costumes- who cares if its after the holiday or before.

* Make your children Halloween baskets.  This tradition should not just be reserved for Easter.  Look on the internet or Pinterest.  There are a lot of creative and easy ideas out there.

So you get it.   You can make those years when the kids aren’t with you for Halloween even more memorable than if you walked them around the neighborhood and did the same old thing.   Memories…its what you make them.


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