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Below are testimonials from our wonderful clients. If you’d like more information, or would like to leave a testimonial of your own, Click Here.

First off, I would like to thank Cindy Vova and her firm. Cindy made the divorce process as painless as possible given all the circumstances. Cindy was very discreet and forthcoming in the legal process. I would highly recommend Cindy and her firm because she kept my concerns in mind and was looking for my 2 boys and myself best interest. She kept the divorce process amicable for my Ex and myself. And Cindy is the reason why my Ex and I still communicate on an excellent level today. I am truly very thankful and grateful for Cindy and her firm. -Gerald

There isn’t enough space to write how grateful I am to Mrs. Vova. I came to her for help (upon the recommendation of a former client) at one of the lowest points in my life, the end of my marriage. Her genuine compassion, honesty, and vast knowledge of the law took the burden and worry off of me and made this experience far less painful.

Mrs. Vova always had time to speak with me when I had a question or just needed to vent. She didn’t make any empty promises regarding what the end results could be. My divorce settled quickly and fairly. I would recommend anyone seeking the advice or assistance of a lawyer for a divorce to contact her.
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Cindy Vova was recommended to me by the husband of her former client. He said he wished he’d hired her..and not because she was a shark, but because she was always on top of the case and really cared about their kids. When I hired her this was all true in my case. She fairly assessed the situation, did not make false promises, and tried to get the case over father than drag it on and run up fees.

She also informed me of recent changes with alimony that my Husband’s lawyer was not aware of. Not only was Cindy great, but her associate, Penny and paralegal, Kathy were on top of my case all along. If you want a lawyer who cares about you, your kids and your case call Cindy. I highly recommend her.

Cindy Vova and her entire staff were passionate and caring. She either answered phone calls or returned the call quickly and responded to my emails. Although she made best effort to amicably resolve my case, when necessary she was tough and effective in court.

At the end of the case, my now ex husband said he wished he’d hired Cindy instead of his lawyer. Cindy did all she could to keep fees down, while still being effective as my attorney and protecting my interests.

Cindy Vova has been both my family and business attorney for almost fifteen years now. She started out just by handling my divorce, but once that was completed, I knew this was the type of attorney I wanted working for me. My divorce was not an easy one either, and my ex went thru three different attorneys at the time. But no matter who Cindy was up against, she was quickly able to prove our point and get both the other side as well as the judge to side with us.

She was a great negotiator, and always kept the Big picture in my sight, and thoroughly explained every step along the way, and always keeping my children’s best interest in mind. She was tough as nails when she had to be, and could right the best letters of anyone I ever knew. Yet the way she was able to talk to and negotiate with everyone involved, allowed us to settle in my best interest, and with the final outcome in my favor as well. With her help, not only did I benefit in a Big way from my case, but I was also able to win back the trust and confidence in my children, which to me was the biggest win of all.

Today, almost fifteen years later, Cindy still handles all my other business and family maters. She is always there whenever I need her, and if she does not know the answer, would always find it out for me. I always felt she treated me fair and with the upmost respect, and never did I feel she took advantage with her fees. Knowing I can call her for a quick question and be able to speak to her when I need is huge for me. Knowing I’m not getting wacked with a bill every time, is even better.

I’ve recommended her to several friends, and every one of them were happy with the end results as well. Other friends that went with someone else, have told me they wish they had listened to me, and that it cost them twice as much with someone else. In my business, nothing is better than a recommendation from a past client. When someone does good for me, I’m happy to tell my experience. I would Trust Cindy with anything, and highly recommend her. I would share my experience anytime should you need more info.