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It’s Love Your Lawyer Day 2020-But Shouldn’t Every Day Be?

Today is once of my favorite holidays.  Yes folks, it’s the annual “Love Your Lawyer Day.” In actuality, until last year I didn’t even know this “holiday” existed.  But now that I know it exists, I’m all in!  And for those of you who still think I’m making this up, here’s the link to the American Bar Associations proclamation “legitimizing” this day.

And when it comes to which lawyers need love the most in Miami- Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it definitely is divorce and family lawyers. Seriously, we deal with people who used to love each other, often had children together, and now can’t stand the sight of one another. In this scenario, do you think divorce clients are typically spreading the (former)love with their divorce attorneys?  (that was a rhetorical question).

So here is a multiple choice of the best ways that we divorce lawyers can celebrate this special day:

  • Receive a Love Your Lawyer  Unfortunately, Hallmark was not the impetus for the holiday, so you’ll have a hard time finding a card.
  • Give your lawyer the day off. Umm…that’s not an option, as  the judges are holding court.  Maybe that’s because they’re upset that there is no “Love Your Judge Day.”
  • Do the best job possible for my clients!

Yup, going for #3…the same thing I do every day.  My clients who are going through divorces, paternity actions, timesharing issues, modification of prior divorce agreements, child support and alimony and relocation issue need someone to stand by them, help them and come up with creative solutions for life to move on.  And when I finish a case and my client feels that relief that it is over, that is when I feel the love.  And fortunately for me, that happens more than one day a year.

A New York attorney summed it up best when he said we should have an “Appreciate Your Lawyer’s Efforts, Even Though Everything May Not Go Exactly How You Wish Day.”  Remember, when two parties are dueling, and you go to Court, only one party can get what they want.  So show a little love, at least today.  In my practice we try to show the love to you all year round!

And by the way- the roses- they WERE from a client.  I didn’t get them for Lover Your Lawyer day, but when I got them,  I did feel loved .

Love Your Lawyer Day- from a client who celebrated early this year

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