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Why Mediate?

The Benefits of Mediation versus Litigation:

  • Helps preserve positive relationships between both parents and their children
  • Preserves family assets and saves money
  • Expedites the dissolution process
  • Reduces the stress of divorce
  • Keeps you in control of your decisions
  • Helps separate emotions from informed decisions

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Mediation law in south florida

Mediation versus Litigation-The winner is clear…Your Family!

If you have not yet hired an attorney, Ms. Vova offers mediation services to unrepresented parties (referred to as pro se) in our central Broward County offices. Although our firm is a full-service family law practice, Ms. Vova firmly believes that mediation is the most effective way to resolve the issues facing a family, whether a couple is divorcing, resolving time sharing and child support in a paternity matter, relocating, or seeking modification of a prior court order. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator since 1998, Ms. Vova has successfully mediated hundreds of family cases, and brings to the table not only her 30 years of experience as an attorney,(and really good snacks) but a true desire to help families.

Mediation is a process where both parties are free to speak openly and to exchange ideas to resolve their issues because unless and until a mediation agreement is signed, with few exceptions, the process is totally confidential. Although as a mediator Ms. Vova cannot give legal advice, she can still assist unrepresented parties in identifying the issues requiring resolution, help calculate child support guidelines, and help the parties formulate a blueprint for a full settlement agreement, whether for a divorce, paternity, child support, modifications, or any other family law matter.

During the mediation process, the parties have the opportunity to discuss their issues face-to-face, in a neutral, calming environment. We work towards resolving problems and creating solutions.  Your agreement is tailored to your family’s specific needs, yet includes everything necessary to address all issues needed to resolve your case.  If appropriate, during the process a party may chose to speak with Ms. Vova separately, with the knowledge that anything discussed in confidence (with the exception of those matters precluded by statute that, essentially create a hazard) will not be shared with the other party unless she is given express authority to do so.  Ms. Vova’s experience helps guide couples in the right director towards resolution and steer them away from unproductive banter that frequently diverts couples from resolving their issues.  If an agreement is drafted, we do suggest you have it reviewed by an attorney before signing same.

In certain situations, we may suggest that additional professionals assist in resolving your case including, depending on your circumstances, mental health professionals, parent coordinators, and forensic accountants.  Of course, the primary benefit of mediation is that the decisions are all yours…not those of a judge nor of an attorney.  Statistics have found that couples who resolve their issues through alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation, tend to honor their agreements because they created them.

Through pro se mediation clients have an opportunity to preserve their assets, maintain a supportive parental structure for their children, and understand that divorce is not a battle to be won, but a stage to pass through with a fresh beginning on the other side.  Our goal is to help turn the ripples that start at the beginning of a family law case into calm waters through the mediation process.

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