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A Law Firm Concentrating solely on Family Law and Focusing on Your Family

We pride ourselves on the genuine care, concern and commitment that we apply to every family law problem

When searching for a family law attorney to represent you and the unique aspects of your case, you must ensure yourself that the firm and your lawyer are the right fit for your situation. People are rarely prepared for all aspects involved in a divorce or other family law matter…from the emotional upheaval to the legal complexities to the financial stress, divorce is a complicated and taxing situation. That is why finding a firm that possesses all of the resources necessary to help you navigate the turbulent waters and stormy seas that lie ahead is first, and often, the most important decision you will make in the process.

Countless firms practice family law in South Florida and, indeed the attorneys in these firms, by and large, know the law. Finding the law firm and attorney who is right for you is not as easy. Principal Cindy Vova has 29 years of legal experience behind her, but she also understands that each client and family is unique and the firm’s services are tailored to your particular situation…we do not apply a cookie cutter approach. Rather, we take a holistic approach to the family as a whole.The ripples that start at the beginning of a family law case continue to expand long after the lawyers are gone.
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It is with that understanding of the whole person and the entire situation that our firm listens to what you really want, and we use our professional and personal skills to help guide you to the finish with what you need. Our attorneys provide practical advice to guide you to your goals. All this is done in the most expeditious and cost effective manner available. With this in mind, we are firmly committed to keeping you informed and up-to-date, which is why your phone calls are promptly returned, emails are answered and all aspects of your case are fully explained in plain English, not “legalese.”

Our philosophy is to educate our clients, and we believe the only silly question is the one not asked. - See more at:
Although we always intend to help our clients achieve an amicable resolution through settlement, we approach each case with a firm commitment to use all of our skills and expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for you, and if that means taking your case to trial, then we are ready, able and experienced to provide dynamic, assertive and effective representation in trial.

Our philosophy is to educate our clients, and we believe the only silly question is the one not asked.To learn more about our approach to family law and the services we offer, please contact us at our office, either by phone, or using the contact email form below.

Mission Statement

Founded on a heritage rooted in ethics, integrity and honor, the Law Firm of Cindy S. Vova, P.A. strives to smoothly and skillfully resolve all types of family conflicts with the least possible level of animosity and the highest degree of professionalism, particularly when there are children involved. Attorney Cindy S. Vova founded the firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1993, after eight years of working with some of South Florida’s most prestigious law firms, and after becoming a parent herself. As a boutique firm, concentrating on all aspects of family law, we pride ourselves on the genuine care, concern and commitment that we apply to every family law problem. Understanding that frequently traditional and customary methods in resolving family law disputes are adversarial, and therefore often inadequate, our attorneys devote significant time and employ creative methods in exploring alternative approaches for resolving family law disputes including mediation and collaborative law.

We’ve Recently opened a New Office in Boca Raton!

We are excited to announce our new office location at 2385 NW Executive Center Dr., Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431.