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Mask Up for Timesharing!

Divorce, child custody, visitation, timesharing, modifications, relocation…  These may or may not have meaning to you, but to family law attorneys, since the beginning of the COVID 19 crises, they are terms we have heard a lot more often.

I have had an overabundance of questions dealing with timesharing (or what other states still call “child custody”) since this pandemic.  Many parents  already have timesharing schedules in place and, if they had them constructed by an attorney who is thorough, as I try to be, they usually cover a myriad of contingencies.  But I don’t think any attorney, prior to March, ever provided for timesharing schedules in the time of a pandemic.

When clients have asked what to do, this is one question I cannot answer with any authority, much less can I predict what a judge would do if a COVID timesharing question is brought before the court.   The Broward County rule  remains to maintain the timesharing schedule that was in place before the pandemic.  However, in so doing,  both parents have to use a little common sense.   Fortunately, when one parent discarded common sense, and the welfare of her child, Broward County Circuit Judge  Dale Cohen ruled last week that she could not see her child, who has asthma, because she refused to wear a mask.  You can read the article here:

With all the conflicting information we are fed through various news outlets 24/7, who knows what works and what doesn’t.  But  wearing  a mask to potentially keep your kids safer from COVID- just like a serving of chicken soup…it couldn’t hurt!

Just like chicken soup…it couldn’t hurt




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