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Was it Take Your Child to Work Day, Groundhog Day or Take Your Groundhog to Work Day?

Oh, the trauma of layering too many holidays on one day. So, I knew it was Groundhog Day (always February 2nd for the past 120 years) but I thought that “Take Your Child To Work Day” was in April. So it seems that Broward County declared today, February 2nd as the “county’s” Take Your Child to Work Day. That meant, I think, that Broward Public School students got a free pass to take a day off school.
Notwithstanding same (how lawyerly), I certainly hope that parents throughout the county used this “holiday” as an opportunity to take their children with them to see “a day on the job” regardless of what that job might entail. You know, we, as parents, leave each day, go off to a job, and come home sometime later. The kids know there’ a home, there’s food, they have clothes and toys; more fortunate kids get other “treats” and vacations, etc. But it seems that perhaps the children need to know what fuels all of the things that they may take for granted. Letting them see what we do…the good, the bad and the ugly…not to mention the monotonous and boring tasks of life on the job enables them to see that life after school is not always so glamorous. Or, if you happen to have a glamorous job, your kids might then get a lesson in what it takes to work up to such an exciting position.
I remember taking my girls to what was then known as “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” During her first date my oldest, dressed in a Jackie O pink suit, grabbed a old briefcase of mine, packed her papers and colored pens, and headed off for a day in court and in mediation. Did she understand what was going on that day? Well, maybe a little of it, but certainly not the nuiances of the cases. Still something sank in as she is graduating law school later this year. (Yes, that’s her in the picture…and her younger sister. Contrary to what is depicted, when she got a little older, little sis went with mom too. And, by the way, she too is graduating from college and has a job…and not as a cowgirl exotic dancer.)
Using opportunities like Take Your Child to Work Day provides an invaluable bonding experience between parent and child. How much the better to use such opportunities when parents are going through a divorce, are divorced or are no longer living together. But use this time as a positive experience. Don’t fight over who gets the day. Apparently there is another National Take Your Child To Work day in April. Use that day if you didn’t take advantage of today. Or, if that doesnt’ work, rotate the time- you take one year and the other parent takes the next year. Now that’s novel…setting a good example for your kids.
Now, as to Groundhog Day, well, as South Floridians, we shouldn’t much care about whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not (he did see his shadow- so if he’s correct, our northern friends have 6 more weeks of winter…boo-hoo) since what occurs between November and March here could hardly be caterogirzed as “winter.” Still, if Take Your Child To Work Day and GroundHog Day coincide next year, perhaps we could take our children and rent a groundhog to take as well.. yes, Take Your Children and Your Groundhog to Work Day! So if anybody out there knows where you can rent a groundhog, message me.

Guess which one is about to become a lawyer

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