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It National Love Your Lawyer Day!


Today is “Love Your Lawyer Day,” and unlike many of the other special interest holidays, this one was not created as a Hallmark Moment. How do I know? Well, I researched it because, after all, that is one of the “things” we lawyers do. So what I found out was that “Love Your Lawyer Day” originated in 2001 and was created by a Ft Lauderdale attorney. And the American Bar Association created a proclamation for the day back in 2015. If you don’t believe me, here’s the link to the Proclamation. (I’m starting to sound like Dave Barry)

Go figure. Guess it just points to the fact that we Broward County attorneys, especially Marital and Family Law Attorneys, really do need some love. Before Love Your Lawyer day was created, I spent SEVENTEEN WHOLE YEARS practicing law without a single day devoted to showing me some “love” while plying my chosen career. And candidly, I missed the memo for the past 18 years as well.

But now that I am aware of this, (which, by the way is always the first Friday in November in case you want to mark your Google calendar for future years), I am wholly embracing today. I sent an email to my clients earlier this week to let them know about Love Your Lawyer Day, and I am sure that they will shower me with cards and gifts to show their love. Just kidding.

A New York attorney summed it up best when he said we should have an “Appreciate Your Lawyer’s Efforts, Even Though Everything May Not Go Exactly How You Wish Day.” Remember, when two parties are dueling, and you go to Court, only one party can get what they want. So show a little love, at least today. In my practice we try to show the love to you all year round!


-Cindy Vova

Love Your Maltese

Best Love Your Lawyer reward…visits from pups!

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