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National Laughter Day

Sunday, May 7th was World Laughter Day!  This is not another “Hallmark Created Holiday.”  Heck, I searched high and low and could not find one card commemorating the day.  In fact, my research showed that World Laughter Day was created by Dr. Madan Kataria, who founded the worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement, and  it was first celebrated on January 10, 1998 in Mumbai, India.

Okay, so who even knew there was a “laughter” yoga movement.  Clearly these people never did yoga anywhere I did it because, let’s face it, contorting ones body into unnatural positions for an hour may be a gut buster, but not the type that elicits laughter.

And as I find it difficult to conceptualize yoga as a laughing matter, it is equally tough to think of divorce as a laughing matter.  Rarely do I find clients coming in and telling me jokes or humorous antidotes. I did, however, once have a gentleman who came in and always had some corny joke to tell me. Now those  were hard to laugh at.“stuff”  fights was a couple with a children’s character company who were fighting over which one got the newer Barney costume.  Barney, you may recall, was the overly cheerful  and always goofy purple dinosaur who roamed the television screens of children born in the ’90s.    See, Barney is a case in point for laughter.  His eternally etched in fabric grin kept him happy regardless of the abuse the children on the show delivered to him.

It doesn’t take a therapist to know that when one laughs, one starts to feel better.  Case in point.  Think about a funeral you attended, and in the midst of such a sad experience, someone delivers a eulogy and tells funny tales about the deceased.  What happens?  The solemn mourners break into laughter, bringing happiness amid sorrow.

Although you may not be laughing about the divorce (and you shouldn’t),  if you find a way to laugh with friends and remember that this too shall come to pass, it will help you gain a fresh perspective to help you through the divorce process, and give you the ability to have some calm to get through the proverbial  storm.

As Reader’s Digest’s famous feature always said, laughter is the best medicine.  It’s a lot cheaper than a therapist or an attorney too!  And why not try some of that Laughter Yoga too.  It couldn’t hurt….maybe.

And, if you want an attorney who  tries to infuse a little humor into a bad situation, give us a call.

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