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Love in the Time of Coronavirus (Part I)

Over the past few weeks we have all received instructions on how to best wash our hands to stop the spread of the Corona virus.  We’ve turned on the taps and silently ( or not so silently) belted out Happy Birthday to you not once, but twice to ensure the proper time is spent in scrubbing our hands.  Yesterday the experts advised us to take off our rings (and watches too) or not wear them at all because  germs can continue to lurk under our jewelry even after the most diligent hand washing.  Makes sense.  Anything that can possibly help can’t hurt, unless you leave your diamond ring in a public bathroom, so be diligent.

However, if you are self quarantining  with your significant other and you want to take your wedding rings off even if you’re not washing your hands, then it may be time to reconsider what is really going on with your relationship.  If you and your significant other can survive this crises in close quarters you can probably survive anything.  As they say, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  This too shall pass, though nobody knows when.   But if you want to keep the rings off indefinitely, then its time to call my office.  We’ll be here for you even during these crazy times.

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