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Irma Blows Weekend Wedding Plans

Hurricane wedding

About a week ago, two people told me about upcoming family weddings scheduled for Saturday, September 9, 2017. Both were scheduled at posh Ft. Lauderdale Beach hotels.

Both are now non-events…at least for this weekend, and, if the show is to go on as it was planned, they are probably going to remain non-events for some time.

Now all of us here in South Florida who are gearing up for Hurricane Irma are stressed and worried (and with good cause). But I cannot even imagine what these two beautiful brides-to (now) not-be are feeling. All the planning and preparation now waylaid by Mother Nature. And there is not a thing that can fix it this weekend. This is even worse than the brides left dress-less by the Alfred Angelo disaster. But, perhaps, just perhaps, this will give these almost-brides some more time to contemplate what they had planned to do this weekend. Maybe, just maybe Hurricane Irma’s interruption occurred for a reason. Yes, there is a lot of pageantry and beauty in a wedding….and there’s a lot of money invested as well. But the cost of a wedding pales in comparison to the cost, both financial and emotional, of a divorce.

Since there will not be much else to do (except pray) for the lengthy time Irma pours out her wrath on Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties…and wherever else she goes up the state of Florida…maybe the winds will blow the idea of getting married out of these ladies’ heads…Just saying.

In the mean time, everybody stay safe!

-Cindy S. Vova

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