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It's time divorcing spouses stop!

Hurricane Harvey and Divorce…A Game Changer

While watching in shock, sadness and helplessness the devastation that was occurring, and continues to occur along the Texas Gulf coast and into the Houston area, I couldn’t help but think what is going on in the households where people are going through a divorce. I know, you’re probably thinking, why in the world, with all the horrific and desperate footage our media is bringing us, would she be thinking about people in Texas going through a divorce. Well, I will tell you. Of course I think about families going through divorces and other family related matters on a daily, and perhaps hourly basis at all times, given my profession as a divorce and family law attorney. But I have had a few particularly contentious cases recently where one of the parties simply could not stop himself from wreaking havoc on my client in every way possible, all while damaging the kids in the process and causing legal bills to spiral. I’d say it would be appropriate to call him “Hurricane……..” oh wait, I cannot use names, so I’ll just think it to myself. (And no, it is NOT Harvey).

So I thought, with Houston itself being the fourth largest city in the United States, surely there are boatloads (perhaps literally and figuratively at this point) of couples going through a divorce. And, I would wager to say, having practiced law for 33 years, that more than a few were in the throes of not only contentious litigation, but untenable household situations, similar to some of my recent cases.

So what happened when a spouse hid the other’s car keys last Saturday (just to be mean) and they woke up the following morning (in their separate bedrooms) only to find that those keys would be worthless anyway because the hidden keys were to a car that was now flooded hood high in water, the streets outside their home were impassible by vehicle and their children had to be rescued from their beds?

I hope the answer was not, “This is all your mother’s fault?” Kidding aside, in some cases I’ve had, I would expect that would be the answer. Instead, I would think that Texas parents who woke up to a similar situation as I described above realized that all the fighting they had engaged in, all the vicious and malicious acts they had hurled towards their future ex spouses mattered little….and that, at this point, there would be no need to divide up their personal property because it was all floating away anyways.

What is the moral of this story? For the rest of you, in Ft. Lauderdale or anywhere in Broward County, Florida…in Boca Raton or anywhere in Palm Beach County, and in Miami or anywhere in Miami-Dade County, Florida…or across the country for that matter….STOP THE STUPID FIGHTING! You want to live separate and apart…okay, that is why we have divorce laws and the ability to get a divorce…and it is no fault…so it doesn’t matter what the other person did to make you want a divorce. But don’t make it more painful than it already is, both emotionally and financially. Don’t do things that cause your spouse to call his/her attorney and run up legal bills. Think about what the poor people in Texas are going through. I am sure the last thing a couple going through a divorce, now sitting with their children in a shelter, is thinking about is who gets the big screen TV.

And for those of you going through a divorce, whose homes are high and dry, and who are looking out the window to a blue, cloudless sky, take a break from the unnecessary fighting.

Finally, today, instead of calling your lawyer about something you really don’t have to call your lawyer about, use the money you’d have to pay the lawyer and make a donation to a Hurricane Harvey relief fund. I’ve included some links below for you to make your own investigation as to where you think your funds will best be used. I am not endorsing any of these organizations or pages, but just giving you a quick starting point.

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