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A House Divided- It’s Not the Gators versus the Canes versus the Seminoles-It’s the Presidential Election

In my blog last week I felt I made a compelling case as to why, whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ultimately make it to the Whitehouse, they need in (White) House Family Law Counsel, and why I should get the job. Sadly, (at least to me) neither campaign contacted me to take me up on the offer.

So, without the “thrill of victory,” but rather the “agony of defeat” (anyone old enough to remember where that came from), I return to the job at hand, namely family law and divorce issues for the rest of the country and mostly Florida. However, not to cast off the political arena too quickly, I thought about what impact two partners, spouses, couples, etc. taking different “sides” in the upcoming presidential election would have on the relationship. This is what others have referred to as “Domestic Politics.” I call it the “House Divided.” It seems that there are such strong opinions about the pending election that surely this would make some fertile territory for domestic discord. Now, not having the resources of the Quinnipiac University polls (heck, I can’t even pronounce it), ABC News, CBS News, Fox or CNN, I turned to my favorite research aid, the internet!

One study done by social psychologist several years ago, Gary Lewandowski of Monmouth University in New Jersey, found that couples more often have similar political views than similar personality traits or levels of education. So put the ax on the adage that opposites attract, according to Dr. Lewandowski. However, apparently though the similarities get us together, they are not the glue that keeps us together.

A number of couples surveyed (and footnote-this was from prior elections, not this 2016 election) found their political differences help them grow as a couple, and in some instances, the art of persuasion moved one partner off of a prior position. One can only wonder whether the true motivation was a compelling debate or a carrot dangled in the bedroom.

The bottom line seems to be that if a couple has a good relationship as a foundation, then differences in political views will not crumble the connection.

And speaking of the aforementioned “carrot,” a study done by Binghamton University and the dating website found that a house divided politically actually translates to a house divided in the bedroom. The survey of 5000 single American men and women found that the Donkeys do it more, but the Elephants do it better. The theory is that Republicans, being more conservative by definition, find something that works and stick to it, while Democrats, being more liberal, are more creative. Honestly, I could not make this up.

The survey also found that Democrats found one’s sense of humor, independence and equality important traits while Republicans looked for someone with the same political affiliation. Of course, if you think about this then, in reality, we’d have a lot of Democrats still ending up with Democrats since the Republicans apparently are more apt to stay with their own. However, the survey concluded that only 17 percent of men and 20 percent of women insist on partnering with someone from the same party.

There you have it! At the end of the day, keep the arguments in a house divided for those UF Gator and FSU Seminole games (or wherever your college team divisiveness exists), not in the Trump-Clinton divide.

But…if the political divide turns into a crevice you just can’t bridge, and your partner turns into a political pundit that you just can’t bear, then call my office. And, if I’m not there, try the White House. I’m still not giving up hope.

...when it comes to politics differences don't always make for an unhappy marriage

…when it comes to politics differences don’t always make for an unhappy marriage

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