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Love in the Time of Coronavirus, Part IV: Help Your Kids See the Rainbow, Not Your Storm

At the end of the Corona storm we will find a rainbow!

The Coronavirus Pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges to all of us.  If you are also in the throes  of a Family Law case, especially one that involves children, your plate is overflowing!

Let’s face it, it is stressful enough for children whose parents are splitting up or whose parents have split and they  still can’t get along, but it is time to put aside your quarrelling  and  personal agendas and think about your children.    Your children need to know that both parents are there for them.  They need to be told that after the storm comes a rainbow.

Yes, timesharing schedules are a mess.  I’ve been a family law attorney for nearly 28 years (and an attorney for over 35 years), and I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of parenting plans and timesharing schedules.  But in my wildest dreams I never contemplated weeks (so far) of school closures and coming up with an alternative schedule under these circumstances.

Parents, you don’t need a family law lawyer now.  You need common sense!

* If one parent has to work outside the home and the other parent is staying home, let the kids stay with the      parent  who is home.

* If both parents are home, try switching to the children spending one week with one parent and one week with the other parent- FORGET WHAT THE TIMESHARING SCHEDULE SAYS- IF IT MAKES SENSE- DO IT

* If one parent works in an environment that would possibly make that parent more susceptible to being exposed to the Coronavirus, let the kids stay with the other parent for the time being.


Most importantly, reassure the kids that this too shall pass, and yes, they will have to go back to school and have more homework than the probably have to do now.

Use this unanticipated (and unprecedented) down time that most busy parents and kids rarely get to talk, to listen and to love your kids.  But keep reminding them, that the rainbows will come again

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong for your children.



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