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Great Job Brewing for Single Pet Parents

Being a single parent is hard. Being a single pet parent is also hard. Let’s face it, every self- respecting pet owner does not have a “pet”… they have another family member. Although only Alaska actually has statutes that allow the Courts to recognize the best interest of pets when their “parents” are divorcing, we all can’t help but want to keep our furry friends and, at least in our agenda, want a timesharingt schedule established during a split up.

Still, when pet parents split, shared custody or timesharing with pets cannot be ordered by the Court. So, someone ends up, um, dawg-gone-it.

Of course there are always more pets out there to love, and the adoption process for pets is somewhat easier than adopting a person. But what do new single pet parents do when they have to go to work?

Enter BrewDog! The craft beer company, based in Scotland, has adopted a new “pawternity” or “mutternity” leave policy. When employees adopt a new puppy they are given one week’s paid leave to bond with their new family member. Cofounder, James Watt, was quoted in the Huffington Post as saying “…we wanted to …let our teams take time to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family.”

Not only that, but BrewDog already has a policy of permitting pet parents to bring their furry friends to work with them each day. And if it could get any better…BrewDog has opened its first United States facility in Columbus, Ohio. My only concern is that my daughter, who starts a job in Columbus this fall, may jump ship to go work for a company where she can take her future dog.

Now, I think this is an awesome policy, especially for single dog parents. But what about the other pets? I mean, shouldn’t there be “purrternity leave?” “Meowternity leave?” And what about less conventional pets? “Bunny birth?” “Fish Friday?” ‘Hamster Holiday?” “Take a Snake to Work Day?” The possibilities are endless…

But of course, the company is BrewDog, not BrewCat or BrewBunny, so I get it. Hey, maybe that gives me a new idea: “BrewCat” or maybe “BrewBunny.” I always had a passion for rabbits.

For now, I’ll stick with law, and send kudos out to BrewDog for helping all those single pet parents out there!

Cats want their parents home

Hey, we want our parents too!

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