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Going it alone…But on your honeymoon?


      We’ve all heard the expression, “the honeymoon’s over,” when someone’s marriage starts to falter. But what about a honeymoon without one’s new spouse? Apparently this is becoming a new movement, according to a recent article in the New York Times.   The so-called “Unimoon” is apparently the latest trend in honeymoon travel.  Go figure.  With a Unimoon, after the nuptials are recited and the party is over, the bride and groom head off to separate destinations and each enjoys what he/she (or he/he-she/she) wants to do…separately.

      I first heard about this during the Sunday weekly game show on National Public Radio where a contestant is given three “news” stories, and has to guess which story in the group is made up. The Unimoon story was one of the choices and I was convinced this must be the fictitious story made up by creative NPR writers.  But NOOOOO.  All true.

      For what it’s worth, in my opinion  if a newlywed couple decides to take a Unimoon, both the party and the  honeymoon are over before they start.    

      Let’s face it, all married couples need a break from each other now and then.  And taking a girls’ weekend or a boys’ weekend, or even a solo trip  now and again may actually strengthen a relationship.   But, when the marriage starts out and the couple cannot even agree as to where they want to spend the first days of their marriage, this does not bode well for the next 50 years.  Let’s face it, a big part of marriage is enjoying each other’s company and enjoying doing things together.  That doesn’t mean a couple has to enjoy all of the same things, but you’d think for a honeymoon they could at least have a consensus as to the  geographic location. 

Here’s the full article link- what do you think?

A Unimoon vs a Honeymoon

Honeymooning alone? It’s for the birds and now newlyweds too!



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