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A Rose by Any Other Name Still Smells Sweet

About 12 years ago I helped a client get his daughter back after the mother ran off with her to central Florida. Over the ensuing years, in addition to getting […]

Fed’s Findings: Couples Who Charge Together More Likely to Stay Together

      As a divorce and family law attorney in South Florida, one of the questions I am most frequently asked is “what is the reason marriages fail?”     Now, […]

Pet Nuptial Provides for Furry Friends in Divorce

So it has been a few weeks since I posted my blog  that (shocker) pets are not people in the eyes of Florida courts. If you’ve spent any time contemplating […]

Same Sex Marriages in Haste May Spend Time Repenting in Leisure

  FINALLY!!!!  Barring any legal maneuvering that is not anticipated, same sex couples will be able to “tie the knot” once the clerks of Florida’s counties begin issuing marriage licenses. […]

X-Mas Divorce Poem

In keeping with the holiday season I thought I’d use a little artistic license in reworking Clement Clarke Moore’s poem, that, by the way, is actually originally titled “A Visit […]

Cohabitation Agreements- The Gap between No Commitment and Marriage

              One of the first things I ask when meeting with a new client contemplating divorce is the date of marriage.  What I often […]

Happy Holidays Florida Law and The Gift that Keeps on Giving

 With the holiday season in full swing (yes, we all saw the Christmas displays in the department stores BEFORE Halloween), most of us are busy trying to get our shopping […]

Divorce Corp – You’ve Seen The Movie, Now Attend the Conference

So, it’s been quite a few months since my blog about Divorce Corp., The Movie.   It seems, however, that this documentary, which has done for the practice of divorce law […]

The Last Five of the Top 10 Things to Consider before Filing for Divorce

So, I know you’ve been at the edge of your seat waiting to find out what the bottom five of the top 10 things are to consider before filing for […]


                                   But in this Blog only the First 5 As a family law attorney […]