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Pets are People II

A while back I wrote about a British woman who pioneered the “pet nuptial” agreement, designed for couples to, in advance of any split-up or divorce, determined what would happen […]

Reflections on Father’s Day

  Okay, so I have to admit, my tribute to the fathers of the world is colored by the fathers in my life: 1)   My father, who  had about the […]

Turning Tragedy into Strength

  At the Tony Awards this past Sunday evening, Frank Langella, when accepting his award, and reflecting upon the horrific tragedy in Orlando the previous night, said the following:    […]

Is Cheating Okay in a Marriage?

While cruising (pardon the pun) through that bastion of “truth, justice and the American way” news medium, Fox News, I happened upon an article by Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist, […]

Mother’s Day Post Mortem

T-Plus six mornings after Mother’s Day.  I’m sitting at my kitchen table and gazing upon the bouquet of heart shaped Mylar balloons the cling to the ceiling across the room, […]

Alimony Reform?…Fourteen Days and Counting

So several weeks ago I wrote that both the Florida Senate and Florida House had passed their respective bills approving alimony reform.  At that time I said I was not […]

Have a Bad Marriage? Reasons to Try a “Good” Divorce

    Sometime in the 1970s there was a popular slogan that said, “save water, shower with a friend.”  Although I am not certain, the slogan appeared to be a cross […]

The Attorney Ethics Exam-What Happens if you Pass?

     Okay, this is an oldie, but I was reminded of  something from my law school days over this past weekend when my  oldest daughter, who is in her […]

Alimony Reform: Solve for X

For the past few years I felt compelled to write about the pending alimony reform in Florida law.  So  years ago I kept updating information as  the House and Senate […]