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Should You Wait…Even If You’re In Love?

A recent study by Dr. Arielle Kuperberg, an assistant sociology professor at the University of North Carolina, reveals living together does not increase the likelihood of divorce.  Rather, according to […]

International Women’s Day

On Friday, as the week wound down, I asked my association, Helena Farber, if she had any plans for the coming weekend. “Well, tomorrow I am celebrating International Women’s Day,” […]

Can’t See the Forest (Gump) through the Trees

Every day I get affirmation as to why comedians need look no further than the daily news to get enough fodder for a full stand up comedy routine.  Case in […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln: Eric Holder Advocates for More Equal Rights for Same Sex Couples

Yesterday was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  You remember Abe, and his infamous Gettysburg Address, wherein in 1863 he declared that our forefather, 87 years before, founded a nation “dedicated to the […]