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Alimony Reform?…Fourteen Days and Counting

So several weeks ago I wrote that both the Florida Senate and Florida House had passed their respective bills approving alimony reform.  At that time I said I was not going to go all crazy analyzing the bills in detail because when I did this two years ago, at virtually the stroke of midnight, Governor Scott vetoed the bill that had passed muster with the legislature.

Here I sit again, two years later.  And, since mid-March I’ve sat waiting, waiting to see where this bill was going. Finally(!) I understand that yesterday, April 4, 2016, the bill made it to the governor’s desk.

Now, more waiting, but at least there is a finite period- 15 days from yesterday- so that calculates to April 19th.     By that date Governor Scott has three choices; he can

1)      Veto the bill (then bye-bye reform for another years)

2)      Sign the bill, or

3)      Do nothing and then the bill becomes law

Whichever selection he makes the controversy won’t end there. The scuttlebutt (for what that’s worth) is that this was the last of all the bills to make it to the governor’s desk.  Word is that groups representing women and the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar (of which I am a card-carrying member) objected strongly.  As to the Bar, I believe that the major problem is the provision that creates a “premise” that both parties should have 50/50 timesharing with children.

In my March 16th blog I started to have fun with the definition of that word, but I don’t want to have too much fun with it until I see if the bill becomes law.   You know us lawyers, where Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory loves “Fun with Flags” we lawyers love “fun with words.”  Of course if the bill does pass, then I have to take out my calculator as well in order to apply those new formulas to figure out  the alimony numbers….Then we get to play “fun with numbers,” too.  Oh, oh- as much as lawyers love words, it is a byproduct of (me included) our inability to do math!

florida-alimony-reform-2014[1]   Stay tuned…



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